Award Winners

Elliott P. Skinner Book Award

    • 2014 – Jemima Pierre (University of California, Los Angeles), The Predicament of Blackness: Postcolonial Ghana and the Politics of Race (University of Chicago Press, 2013)
      • Honorable Mention: Wyatt MacGaffey (Haverford College), Chiefs, Priests, and Praise-Singers: History, Politics, and Land Ownership in Northern Ghana (University of Virginia Press, 2013).
    • 2013
      • Steven Feld (University of New Mexico), Jazz Cosmopolitanism in Accra: Five Musical Years in Ghana (Duke University Press, 2012)
      • Jennie Burnet (University of Louisville), Genocide Lives in Us: Women, Memory, and Silence in Rwanda (University of Wisconsin Press, 2012)
    • 2012 – Hans Lucht (University of Copenhagen), Darkness Before Daybreak: African Migrants Living on the Margins in Southern Italy Today (University of California Press, 2011)
    • 2010 – Trevor Marchand (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London), The Masons of Djenné (Indiana University Press, 2009)
      • Honorable Mention: Jon Holtzman (Western Michigan University), Uncertain Tastes: Memory, Ambivalence and the Politics of Eating in Samburu, Northern Kenya (University of California Press, 2009)
      • Honorable Mention: Ivor L. Miller (Boston University), Voice of the Leopard: African Secret Societies and Cuba (University of Mississippi Press, 2009)
    • 2009 – Ben W. Jones (University of East Anglia), Beyond the State in Rural Uganda (University of Edinburgh Press, 2009)
    • 2008 – Deborah James (London School of Economics and Political Science), Gaining Ground?: “Rights” and “Property” in South African Land Reform (Routledge, 2007)
      • Honorable Mention: Sabine Jell-Bahlsen (Ogbuide Films), The Water Goddess in Igbo Cosmology: Ogbuide of Oguta Lake (Africa World Press, 2008)
      • Honorable Mention: Mwenda Ntarangwi, David Mills, and Mustafa Babiker (editors), African Anthropologies: History, Critique, and Practice (Zed Books, 2006)

Bennetta Jules-Rosette Graduate Student Essay Award

  • 2015 – Apostolos Andrikopoulos (University of Amsterdam), “The Process of Kinship in a Setting of Civic Inequality: West African Migrants Struggling Over Scarce Resources in Europe”
    • Honorable Mention: Dominic Granello (University of Oklahoma),  “BRICS, the New Development Bank, and South Africa: A Look at Changes in the Global and Regional Development Structure, and South Africa’s Role as a Regional Power”
  • 2014 – Uwa Oduwa (Georgetown University), “Rethinking Study Abroad: Academic Study in Developing Nations and the Case for Nigeria”
  • 2013 – Metasebia E. Yoseph (Georgetown University), “A Culture of Coffee: Transmediating the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony”
    • Honorable Mention: Yang Jiao (University of Florida, Gainesville), “The Rise of Chinese Transnational Elites in Africa”
  • 2012 – George Paul Meiu (University of Chicago), “Beach-Boy Elders and Young Big Men: Queering the Temporalities of Aging in Kenya’s Ethno-Erotic Economies”
    • Honorable Mention: Mohamed Abumaye (University of California, San Diego), “Silenced into Non-Existence: A Living History of Somali Orality”
  • 2011 – Erica Fontana (University of California, San Diego), “Online African Art: Representation, Circulation, and Access”
  • 2010 – David Platzer (Johns Hopkins University), “African Literature and Its Institutions”
    • Honorable Mention: Naomi Haynes (University of California, San Diego), “Pentecostalism and the Morality of Money: Religious and Economic Value on the Zambian Copperbelt”
  • 2009 – Lauren Adrover (Northwestern University), “Festive Currencies of Value: Culture, Commodification, and Performative Action in Ghana”
    • Honorable Mention: Scott Matter (McGill University), “Neopatrimonialism, Land Tenure Transformation, and Violence at Enoosupukia, Kenya”
  • 2008 – J.R. Osborn (University of California, San Diego), “Writing Culture with Arabic Letters: The School of Khartoum and Contemporary Calligraphic Art”

Nancy “Penny” Schwartz Undergraduate Student Essay Award

  • 2015 – Sara Yukimi Saltman (Macalester College), “The Grass that Grows on Top of Bodies: Women, Marriage and the Construction of Collective Narratives in Rural Rwanda”
    • Honorable Mention: Anna Yamamuro (University of California, San Diego),  “Student Activism in South Africa: Apartheid-Era Challenges and Lasting Effects”
  • 2014 – Alexis Coopersmith (University of California, San Diego),  “Pathways to Power: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Wangari Maathai, and the African Woman’s Pursuit of Political Power”
    • Honorable Mention: Sarah Rayzl Lansky (Macalester College), ” My Brother Before Me: The Role and Experience of Local Humanitarian Aid Workers In Eastern Cameroon”
  • 2013 – Rachel Mueller (Macalester College),  “The Spirits are My Neighbors: Women and the Rab Cult in Dakar, Senegal”
    • Honorable Mention: Stephen Reynders (University of California, San Diego), “Ritual as Therapy: A Semiotic Theory of Modern and Pre-Modern Ritual Form”
  • 2012 – Divya Bhat (University of California, San Diego), “Survival Strategies as Islands of Security: Social Change and Development in the Congo”
    • Honorable Mention: Courtney Dehn-Gurbacki (McGill University), “The Mediation of Large-Scale Farmland Deals: A Tanzanian Case Study”
  • 2011 – Sean Brimmer (College of the Holy Cross), “Urban Africa Exposed: Inversion and the Restructuring of Kinship, Gender, and Style”
  • 2010 – Narisa Silver (University of California, San Diego), “Continuity and Change in the Ethiopian Jewish Community of Israel” 
  • 2009 – Josephine Pang (University of California, San Diego), “A Gendered Critique of Social/Sexual Networks: The Case of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and Uganda” 
  • 2008 – Natalie Spritzer (University of California, San Diego), “Health Care for All in Ghana” 
    • Honorable Mention: Ryan Hewey (Central Connecticut State University), “Negrotown: An Archaeology of African Agency from Colonial Connecticut” 

African Scholars Travel Grant

  • 1999 – Babatunde Omoniyi (Thames Valley University), “Names and Naming in the Arsenal of Contemporary Yoruba Political Campaign Warfare”

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