Possible AfAA Panel Sessions for Annual Meeting

We have developed a tentative list of possible AfAA panel sessions related to this year’s meeting theme, “Future Publics, Current Engagements,” for the upcoming AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago (please feel free to submit your own!)  If you are interested in chairing one of these sessions or submitting a panel of your own, please contact David Turkon at [email protected].

  • African Art Markets and Museums: Spaces to Engage the Public
  • Media Publics in Africa
  • Concepts of the Public: Citizenry and Current Political Engagement
  • Developing an African State-Level Public
  • Human Rights and NGOs: Does the African Public Care?
  • Public Rituals and Private Spaces in Africa
  • Chinese and African Textiles in Africa: What is the Public’s Perception?
  • African Land Grabs: Grabbing Public and Private Lands
  • African Sports Events: The New Public Rituals